The 16th ITS Asia Pacific Forum FUKUOKA 2018

Everyone’s Mobility by ITS

May 8-10, 2018 | Fukuoka International Congress Center

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The deadline for abstract submission was extended to Dec 4, 2017

What’s The 16th ITS Asia Pacific Forum FUKUOKA 2018

The 16th ITS Asia Pacific Forum FUKUOKA 2018 will hold ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) technology and services for the development of Asian mobility society and the creation of new value and evolutionary continuation. The holding of AP Forum in Japan will be held for the first time in 22 years.
In addition, we collect technologies that have already been put to practical use and generalization, and the latest technologies that realize the next generation mobility society from administrative, enterprise, universities and others involved in ITS technology and services.

Everyone’s Mobility by ITS

Safe and secure society

(Public transportation support, support for mobility restraint, driver physical condition management, monitoring, etc.)

Smart mobility

(Smartphone, Mobile/Wearable tool, Traffic IC card, VR ・ AR technology, digital contents, etc.)

Next generation mobility

(Automatic driving technology (LV 2-4), next-gen public transportation, next gen fuel vehicles, etc.)

Infrastructure technologies for practical ITS

(Expanded application of ETC, Big data,V2X(inter-vehicle cooperation), advanced communication network, highly accurate three-dimensional map, etc.)

Development of human resource and education

(Driver support program, ideathon, etc.)


Date: May 8-10, 2018
Venue: Fukuoka International Congress Center

The 16th ITS Asia Pacific Forum FUKUOKA 2018 Executive Committee


Kazuki Nakao

Vice Chair

Iwao Nihashi

Vice Chair

Hiroto Yasuura

Vice Chair

Hiroshi Fujiwara

Co-organized ITS Asia Pacific
Supported ITS Japan



Keiji Yamamoto

Managing Officer Toyota Motor Corporation
Executive Vice President, Connected Company

Russ Shields

Chair of Ygomi LLC.


The latest ITS technology and solution get together from the globe.

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Automated Driving Demo

In the demonstration of this forum, we will run the vehicle that is the image of the realization of automated driving that spread to the local community.


Technical Tours and Post Congress Tours

We will hold a technical tour to inspect advanced facilities and implementation models related to ITS


ITS ideathon

Students will create and share new ideas from the viewpoint of youth generation about ITS specialized services and products that combine elemental technologies and advanced technologies such as IoT fields.


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  • Fukuoka the part of Kyushu, has developed a variety of ITS / ICT with the development of public transport network and road network. It is also a popular area for sightseeing.
  • 1.5 million people live in Fukuoka city. We think there are a lot of cities of the similar scale in Asia. A city of Fukuoka freed from a former heavy traffic jam and the action of traffic measures can be expected to be useful for each city of Asia.
  • Fukuoka has good access from Asian countries and all over Japan and has convenience comparable to Tokyo and Osaka as a place to exchange information.


The 16th ITS Asia Pacific Forum FUKUOKA 2018 management office
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