International standardization on Cooperative ITS and Automated Driving by ISO/TC204

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) is expected to be introduced at an early stage to solve various problems of modern society due to urbanization and aging. In order to smoothly introduce and promote the ITS, it is necessary to standardize the interface of the system to be introduced and ensure interoperability.
International standardization of ITS is being promoted in cooperation with ISO / TC204 (ITS), standardization bodies such as ISO / TC 22 (automobile), SAE and ETSI. In recent years, standardization towards the early introduction of cooperative systems and automatic driving systems has become active. In addition to Europe and the United States, Japan, China, South Korea, Australia, etc. are actively participating in the activities of ISO / TC 204 from Asia-Pacific.
In this session, key people of ITS standardization activities in Japan and the leaders of ITS standardization in China and South Korea will report on the current situation of ISO / TC 204 becoming active, to raise interest in international standardization and improve the momentum of standardization promotion in cooperation with the Asia-Pacific region countries.

Speakers: Weiyun Jiao, Research Institute of Highway, Ministry of Transport, P.R.China
Speakers: Sang Keon Lee, Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements