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Technologies,Digitizing Infrastructure for Autonomous Driving Implementation

The action for the promotion of the high information-oriented society which utilized geography space information to support ITS will be discussed. The positional information that is indispensable to ITS. The degree of accuracy requested for the data increases more on the way to the new stage called the automatic driving. The electronic point reference network spreading through the country decides the standard of the position highly precisely, and it is to a base of the basic dynamic map construction such as surveying, the positional information service. Furthermore, the launching of the recent positioning satellite will enable the acquisition of the positional information that it is more real and precise. The present conditions, or future possibility, subjects about real time positioning at the several cm levels of the error that it is predicted that the use expands it in various fields such as the automatic driving or disaster prevention in future will be discussed.

Moderator: Satoru Nakajo, Next-Generation Infrastructure Division,Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. ,Japan
Speakers: Tsutomu Nakajima, President,Dynamic Map Platform Co., Ltd. , Japan
Speakers: Moon Lee, Vice President, Sales Asia Pacific