ES03 May 9, 14:00-15:30 / Room413

ITS Asia-Pacific Workshop

This will be the 4th opportunity for ITS AP community to get together to pick up a specific theme and exchange the views in depth from the experts' perspectives. This time theme we propose is, "How the integration of public transport information across the transport modes have influenced the people's life and behavior?

Moderator: Shigetoshi Tamoto, Senior Vice President ITS Japan ,Japan
Keynote: Masakatsu Ura, Sales director, Nishitetsu information system Co.,Ltd, Japan
Speakers: MA Jun, Director, DOT of Suzhou City, China
Speakers: Eddie Lim, Sales Director, Commercial Large Enterprises, NCS Pte. Ltd., Singapore
Speakers: Dong Hwan Min, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Korea
Speakers: Mark Hsiao, Vice President, International Integrated Systems, Inc, Chinese-Taipei